Facebook Allows Find Friends With Same Profiles and Location


Facebook Allows Find Friends With Same Profiles and Location: Facebook has launched Find Friends Nearby, an application for smartphones that allows you to find friends and similar profiles through a geolocation service. Only available in the mobile version of Facebook for iPhone OS and Android.

What was initially intended to call as Friendshake is the new bet Zuckerberg after it announced two months ago Glancee acquisition, a similar service allowing the user to know if anyone was around with the same interests.

Find friends of friends or people with similar interests are two major functions that have this application that, according to Techcrunch, it could be something to incorporate as a placement service, rather than an app that has to be activated for use at all times.

Facebook helps find friends and matches that are near the user. Help the user find friends who are nearby and are also using Friendsake. But if the user does not leave through geolocation Facebook this place you can not access the application if it does not give permission to the platform. Once the user is in the app you will see a list of friends you have near your location, as well as those who are using the application s contacts

It is unclear whether Friendshake has been created from the acquisition or has developed as a result of something entirely different. According to Techcrunch, the first news about the existence of the new mobile app from the developer was Roger Pincombe, who got information on how to work by a Facebook developer in Angelhack, a festival that brings together about a thousand hackers San Francisco to finally offer the winner a figure of $ 200,000.

For Friendshake is put into operation, users must be registered and logged in to Facebook and specifically also in the application itself. For now it seems that the purpose of this service is solely based geolocation add people that the user is in a specific event.

Ryan Patterson, the original Facebook engineer, explained the project stating that “the ideal case of use of this product is when you’re with a group of people who have recently met and with whom you want to stay in touch.”

Prior to this, Facebook already had a Location, My Location, but did not work in real time, and was more in finding friends and not so much make new friends. When this feature is enabled, allows users to see the contacts who have visited the same places, or having the check-in ‘to an event on Facebook.