Bankson Cassandra Teen Beauty Seceret Video


Bankson Cassandra Teen Beauty Seceret Video : Bankson Cassandra, a young Californian of 19 years, decided to share with the world his bad case of acne by a supportive reason: in that others could find a solution to this inflammatory disease and feel more confident.

To do this, she shared an illustrator video that reveals his makeover 10 minutes, which shows step by step how to apply anti-shine lotion for oily skin, concealer, foundation, powder and spray, among other products , to look splendid.

According to Bankson, after suffering bullying in their teens because of their condition and improve their methods of makeup decided to record a video explaining how to improve acne visible on his face, neck, chest and back.

Bankson Cassandra Teen Beauty Seceret Video

Following recording, Cassandra took 4 months to upload it to YouTube because it got very nervous “what people might think. My boyfriend told me, ‘You’ve always wanted to help people. This is how you do it is your job. ‘” Nevertheless, once published, it took another 5 months to read the comments.

But contrary to his greatest fears, audiovisual material was well received and served to thousands of people to fight the disease. Even gave him enough confidence to young to start your modeling career.

Remarkably, the video was uploaded to YouTube in December 2010 but in recent days, took a “second wind” and was seen by thousands of others after being discussed by various international media like the Daily Mail, The Huffington Post and The Sun, now reaching nearly 8 million hits.

In response, ‘Cassie’ said one of these media that “I thought for a girl or a boy (the video) would be worthwhile, but would not see the downside. But I came back and was overwhelmed by the positive (…) The makeup is a way for women to feel safe until they have overcome any insecurities. ” Then he adds, may be beautiful with or without help.