The Angry Birds will Become Formula 1 Drivers


The Angry Birds will Become Formula 1 Drivers: The developer Rovio is preparing a new set of birds angry: Angry Birds Heikki. This time everything points to players playing in the popular race tracks in Formula 1. The name of the game comes from the Finnish driver Heikki Kovalainen, who has the red bird on his helmet since the beginning of the season.

So far the Finnish company has led the birds to different places, even ventured into space throwing Angry Birds in Space. This version achieved record breaking downloads from the first day after its release, being the fastest growing mobile game to date.

But Angry Birds Space succeeded not only download the change of scenery, but because their characters were redesigned with a more futuristic. To this was added another novelty, and are affected by the pull of the planets and satellites that cross, making the movements provoke launch entirely new to those who previously knew.

There was great excitement among fans and a great satisfaction from Rovio which would soon be announced that “something big is coming.” Well, according to the image that Rovio has chosen to announce the launch, it appears that the next project of the Finnish company behind the wheel will these birds and their archenemies, the hogs being the first green-car game of this company.

The name of this new game will be Angry Birds Heikki, who comes from Formula 1 Finn, Heikki Kovalainen. This is taking a helmet during this tournament where you can see the red bird who stars Angry Birds.

All indications are that this game will be a sort of Mario Kart, led this time by the birds known to all players. The game will release on June 18, according to the website where they advertise, but not yet clear under what platform will be.

No doubt this new release will also be a great success, and has become a global phenomenon downloads. The Angry Birds top the list of the best sellers in all major platforms and it seems that they want to continue gaining ground before the company goes on bag next year.

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