Model Ai Shang Zhen: Beautiful woman and great cosplay. Ai Shangzhen (艾尚真) is a supermodel and one of the most popular Chinese model, which enjoys great popularity in the Middle Kingdom (which the fact means of at least tens of millions of fans), presented in a completely new issue.

Ai Shang Zhen China's version of Boa Hancock
Ai Shang Zhen China's version of Boa Hancock

Ai decided to play the Boe Hancock – Snake Princess of Japanese video games – “One Piece”. In this way, the Asian model joined the sexiest cosplayerek (cosplay is a hobby of dressing up as characters from games, movies, etc.) of all time!

Model Ai Shang ZhenIt should be noted moxie true (promotion free)

Moe gradually Real name: Ài Shàngzhēn 艾尚真
180cm: high body
51kg: weight
Three sizes: 90, 68, 90
Chongqing Place of Birth:
Shenzhen Residence:

Worked as a model. A wide range of industry talent singer also performs as an activity, business presenter, to an actor. 3rd Miss China in 2008.


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