Scarlett Johansson cant Forget Her Nude Photos Scandal


Scarlett Johansson cant Forget Her Nude Photos Scandal: Although the hacker was convicted and did her work justice, Scarlett is still living a nightmare every time I remember what happened. Recognizes that sometimes can not forget it very difficult.

“I go out to dinner and think, ‘Damn, all these people have seen my …” You know what I mean? “Said the actress told the newspaper ‘The Sun’. “You can not help thinking that, even if they have, these paranoid,” said Scarlett.

The images clearly showed the naked body of the actress, one of them even showed his butt in front of a mirror. Like other famous victims of the hackers, for Scarlett’s all been a nightmare.

Fortunately, Johansson does not lack work. She is currently filming the movie ‘Hitchcock’, in which she plays the role of Janet Leigh and will hit theaters in 2013, as her next project ‘Don Jon’s Addiction‘.