Lady Gaga Talks About Her Former Addiction To Drugs


Lady Gaga Talks About Her Former Addiction To Drugs On Television: The Amanda de Cadenet program, ‘The Conversation‘ is one of the most closely watched in the U.S. The last to be interviewed was the famous singer who is completely honest on camera. The full interview, however, will be issued next week.

Lady Gaga admitted that he loved the solitude, come home and be alone, as he did before. “Would go back every day to my apartment and I just sit there. Was quiet and lonely. We were just my piano and me,” says Gaga.

Note that at 19 years was very depressed and that’s why I wanted to pursue music. So I dropped out and refused any financial help from their parents. He started working and became one of the most sought after artists of the contemporary music field.

On the other hand, the singer had no qualms about recalling its darkest days, when I was addicted to cocaine. “The drug was my friend. I spent with others. It was a terrible way to fill the void but (the drug) will add empty, because it is not real.”

Fortunately, Lady Gaga was able to react in time and left the stage with effort. As stated in the program one day he awoke in the morning and said to herself: “You’re not an artist. If you were an artist you would be focused on music and you would not be spending money on that dust devil.”

The singer of ‘Bad Romance’ said he is focused on your happiness, what they really want and want to do, that’s their philosophy.

Certainly not the first that has fallen into ruin of drugs. She describes that there is some “romance” with the drugs among aspiring artists. But according to Amanda de Cadenet said, are but a few “losers”.

After the breakup with Taylor Kinney, opens a new chapter for the singer. At the moment your schedule does not allow much time to have boyfriends and relationships. When you have a spare moment it prefers to devote herself.