Facebook is Not the Hottest Social Network


Facebook is Not the Hottest Social Network: Guess which is most appreciated social network users! There is no Facebook, no Twitter and even Pinterest. According to a comScore report on social networks, data for March shows that the site is the Tagged popular. Its creators are in San Francisco.

Statistics say that Tagged has been visited 18 times by each of its users in March. Only Facebook has managed to surpass, registering a score of 36 in this category. The problem for Zuckerberg time you visit. While people spend 10.9 minutes on Facebook a visit, those who enter Tagged spend 12.1 minutes.

Interestingly Tagged began in 2004, at which time its founders, Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, and realized they would not face competition with Facebook and changed plate.

Most of the Facebook idea to keep walking, using network ties of friendship existing in reality. Tagged founders have proposed instead that their network to help people create their virtual world of friendship or love relationship based on common interests. Currently, the site is registered over a hundred million people.

Tagged is the profit in 2008 and last year has tripled to over 170 employees. The founders of counting on the concept of “social discovery” that could catch all better soon, as our lives are moving in the virtual environment.