Bob Kuman Dan Meninggal Dunia


Bob Kuman Dan Isteri: Actor and comedian Husni Mohd Rawi or more popularly known as Bob Kuman Meninggal Dunia Germs say ‘congratulations‘ to those allegedly responsible for spreading the news he had died today.

He said, was ‘successful’ cause all partners, including his relatives sad.

News is slander, I received a call from a friend about this time to offer Zuhr one evening,” he said when met at his house at about 2 pm today.

According to Bob Kuman, 40, allegedly masterminded by the extreme actions of those who want to take advantage of the difficulties experienced at the moment.

“I do not want to accuse anyone but I am confident that they are deliberately spreading false news is to gain public sympathy and perhaps that person can collect donations may flash if I pass the news spread,” he said.

Message purportedly the actor had died spread through Twitter microsite afternoon.

Thus the firm Bob Germs, he deplores the spread of the news and hope the parties concerned to check the source of the information received before spread through blogs, social network and website.

When asked what might have parties that are not satisfied with the volume talk about some issues before, Bob Germ said he was prepared to confront the individual.

I am pleased with what happened today and as the artist I am ready to there will be problems like this and I have a good wife, he advised that there any way to be happy, so I was calm when persecuted like this,” he said .

Three days ago, The Star have reported that Bob Germs contributions touched by fans through her bank account after his story appeared in a blog recently.