Microsoft Fixes a Security Flaw in Hotmail


Microsoft Fixes a Security Flaw in Hotmail which committed 13 million accounts: Microsoft has responded quickly to a bug in Hotmail that could have compromised the security of 13 million accounts. A group of hackers were distributing Moroccan posts in forums promising, and showed that they could gain access to Hotmail accounts in just a minute. The hackers used a flaw in the system resets passwords for Hotmail to achieve your goal.

The response time can be critical vulnerability. In recent cases of vulnerabilities have been found the need for rapid response to threats to try to minimize the damage. For example, Apple took longer than desired to correct a vulnerability in Java, which caused thousands of computers became infected with the Trojan Flashback.

Microsoft has been achieved quickly and solve a major vulnerability in Hotmail that compromised 13 million accounts. The company has responded by solving a security issue that was being exploited by hackers Moroccans. According to the website Naked Security by Sophos, the problem was identified in the system reset passwords in the mail from the company.

Hackers have identified the fault and could fool the system to change the account password, so that users could not access. With this practice, the hackers were offering the ‘hacking’ accounts through forums. Hackers demanding $ 20 (15.1 euros) for each account violated and had planned to carry out the ‘hacking’ of over 13 million accounts.

The rapid action Microsoft has managed to keep the problem was so severe as might have been. The company has been able to resolve the incident and protect the bulk of Hotmail users. Apparently, only a few accounts were affected.

From the blog at Sophos have explained that users can check if your account has been compromised easily. It is only necessary to try to access the accounts. If the password has been changed without their consent will mean that your account has been affected.