Lee Na Young on Infinity Challenge

Lee Na Young
Lee Na Young

Lee Na Young on Infinity Challenge: Singer haha you are an actor at 12 weeks gyeolbang MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ involved in the recording, according to testimony.

Our Lee Na Young, Lee Tae Sung, Lee Joon, and now joining our family Defconn, I was so happy filming with you all. It was a very thankful day. I only want to show everyone what we did!”

Lee Na Young
Actress Lee Na Young

Singer Haha on his Twitter the 27 pm “Yesterday was a long time with ‘dance‘ … It is funny I almost died too excited to feel it added something jjanhan place …

The netizen writes “I miss you so soon as we”, “I will wait until the end”, “Lee Na … madly I want to see side”, and reacted.

Actress Lee Na Young‘s past photo has been receiving much attention after it was uploaded onto an online community board with the title, “Lee Na Young,

she looks in her twenties but her style is of an elementary school student?”.

Her past photo on the left shows her hair tied up in pigtails with an outdated fashion compared to the photo of her on the right