Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Why Not Married: For the umpteenth time jumped rumors of a hypothetical marriage between these two actors and, once again, proved to be lies. Of ‘invention’ has branded Aniston’s representative the link was supposed to be in Greece next summer. Nothing is further from reality. At the moment Jennifer and Justin are not married.

Jennifer Justin And Aniston Why Not Married
Jennifer Justin And Aniston

    Just days after the representative of his ex Brad Pitt made ​​public the news of his upcoming wedding with Angelina, TMZ leaked the information that claimed that Aniston was to follow in the footsteps of her former husband and was going to marry her boyfriend Justin Theroux.

In fact, the web publishing not only going to occur, but also said Greece is the location chosen by the couple to celebrate your wedding in style. In fact, until we collected testimony from members of the resort to ensure that the couple had been consulting budgets.

However, once again has proved to be untrue, and, given the persistence of the rumors, Aniston’s representative has sought to settle the issue by sending an e-mail to the newspaper Huffington post which denies everything and says, “is all an invention. ”

“How is it that one of the world’s most photographed couples supposed to leave for Greece to book a hotel not known and have not even been seen or photographed?” States the representative of the star.

Not for the first time Jennifer has to sort out this type of information. In fact, she joked that the press will periodically adjudicase a wedding or a pregnancy. Things of Fame.