Google Adwords on YouTube Advertisers Can Use It


Google Adwords on YouTube Advertisers Can Use It: Google has decided to adapt its popular tool for Adwords ads that can be used with video and to design campaigns through Youtube.

Google AdWords is Google’s program for companies to make sponsorships on your browser. It has many customers that are displayed on the top and right side in the search results the user and is the main source of revenue for Google.

Although campaigns could already be on Youtube, Google has sought to further enhance the process by entering into Adwords, and so take advantage of a tool with many millions of daily users such as Youtube.

Specifically, YouTube has 800 million unique users per month and receives 4,000 million hits a day, an increase of 25 percent in the last eight months (as of January this year).

Google AdWords for video and can be used by all advertisers. This new model goes beyond search advertising, which so far has paid for clicks and budgets have been established.

With Google AdWords for video, the client will only pay when the user actually decide to watch the ad. The advertiser may also create and manage video campaigns using the same platform as the rest of their search advertising and display.

From the Google blog wanted to highlight three characteristics. Perhaps the most attention is called TrueView, which is what allows interaction only pay visits, meaning that the client only pays when the user decides to view the ad. There is no charge when if the user gives omitted. This means that the budget of the announcement depends on the users interested in the video.

To help reach the right audience for video Adwords allows for example to promote the video by keyword to appear on the YouTube search results, or you can choose to display the ad on the content that interests the customer, such as sports or music.

Finally, Google refers to measuring the effectiveness of the investment. Indicates that have found that YouTube video ads generated an increase of 20 percent of traffic to websites and a 5 percent increase in searches related to your business.

With video AdWords advertiser can know how users engage with the brand during and after looking at your ad. You can also find the number of users who saw the full video, visited the site, remained in the channel to watch another video or subscribed to the channel after seeing the ad.