Aya Hirano Sex Scandal with Katsundo Bubka: Aya Hirano Scandal With Bubka is in the latest scandal and Aya Hirano made the world media and entertainment that is in spontaneous Japanese nation on stage with Aya Hirano scandal Katsundo making Japan Dumb founded.

Aya Hirano Sex Scandal With Bubka
Aya Hirano Sex Scandal With Bubka

The reason for the sex scandal Aya Hirano (including all of his band mates, with the exception of bassist), as the bass player must be bad because it is the only one not involved reported their scandalous affairs.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine, Bubka (known by the scandals of publication precise), published photos of Aya Hirano in bed that resembles the image of a “post-sexual.” Some sources suggest that the reason why he was fired by his tag was due to his scandalous affair with his band mates, following reports of Jpop Asia site.

In a sense, I wonder if Hirano be punished just because he was captured. If it were not so excessive – perhaps the band’s three members, to say only two musicians, and maybe a roadie and fluff him … Or maybe if he did not take any pictures, taking into account how the hell these images are often leaked to the public, and the point which has become a cliché of modern scandals …

Hirano I hope it can recover from this: I’m just a very casual fan of his work, but this century, and the adult woman, who does what he wants. I know this may be an American rock and rap different values ​​of popular culture, but it makes you feel good (and requires multiple partners) can not be all that bad.