Sandy Hook Victim Facebook Hoax


Sandy Hook Victim Hoax: Ryan Lanza’s Facebook posts are apparently a hoax, if you believe the spokesman for the Lanza family. The Internet blew up in a rage of controversy over the weekend when posts from what appeared to be Ryan Lanza’s Facebook account not only supported his brother after the Sandy Hook Elementary murders, but also referred to himself as a victim.

According to the NY Post, a Facebook page believed to belong to Adam Lanza had the following to say in the wake of the Connecticut school shootings:

I am a victim,” said the 24-year-old via a Facebook chat with The Post. “I loss [sic] my mom and brother.”

Lanza then went on to write, “I will miss you bro. I will always love you as long as I live.”

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Now, however, a spokesman for the Lanza family is claiming that an imposter said those words to The Post, suggesting that either Ryan’s Facebook account got hacked or someone was playing some sort of hoax on the newspaper.

It’s unclear whether or not The Post initially got the story right, or was duped by a fake account at this time.

Despite the fact that the NY Post has amended their article with the news of the Lanza family denial, the original story remains. In it are claims that Ryan Lanza has since joined “victim groups” on Facebook, as well as activist groups that beckon the masses to support Ryan Lanza’s name.

Just one week ago, Adam Lanza is accused of killing his mother before walking into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and killing 26 people.

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