Obama Promises to Find out “Who” and “Why” Boston Explosions Caused


Boston Explosions: Obama Promises to Find out “Who” and “Why” Boston Explosions Caused: The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has recognized that “not yet have all the answers” about what happened on Monday in Boston but has warned that the authorities will find out “who” and “why” the explosions caused by the finish line of the marathon.

In an appearance at the White House, Obama has admitted that “still” does not have the answers to what happened in Boston. “We do not know who and why did it”, he said, while also urged “not to draw conclusions before having all the facts”.

However, he warned: “Make no mistake: get to the bottom of this matter.” “We will find out who and what he has done and any group or individual responsible will feel the full weight of the law,” promised.

It has also revealed that, after meeting with his national security team, deliver ordered “all federal resources necessary to protect our people, increasing safety throughout the United States.”

I spoke with the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and mobilizing adequate resources to investigate and respond to the facts“, he stated.

Obama has expressed support for those affected. “I have also spoken with the governor and the mayor and I have made it clear that any federal resources will need to meet the victims and their families.” “Above all, I have made it clear that all the American people are with Boston,” he said.

“The American people will pray tonight for Boston and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the families of the victims amidst this senseless loss,” he added, referring to the first lady.

Obama has expressed confidence in the recovery of Boston. “It is a strong and resilient city, as his people.’m Quite sure that Bostonian will join, take care of each other and continue forward. At each step, the American people will be with them”, he underlined.

Also praised the “fast” and “professionalism” with which security and assistance teams have responded to the incident. “It is a reminder that many Americans serve and sacrifice on our behalf every day,” he stressed.

In this context, it has been used to make a call for unity. “I have spoken with the leaders of both parties in Congress and I have reaffirmed that on days like this no Republicans or Democrats, we are Americans, united and concerned about our fellow citizens,” he argued.

EXPLOSIONS: The Police Commissioner of Boston, Ed Davis, who appeared before the press, explained that the explosions occurred without warning at around 14.50 (local time), simultaneously and few tens of meters away in the Boylston Street.

Besides the explosions near the finish of the race, there was a third “incident” at the JFK Library. The authorities have yet to confirm the correlation between both scenarios, although work on this hypothesis.

According to the latest report, at least two people were killed and about a hundred were injured, of which 64 amputees in their lower limbs, according to the newspaper ‘The Boston Globe’.