New Contacts Form Gadget For Blogger


New Contacts Form Gadget For Blogger: Indispensable for blogging is a channel of contact with your audience, it is something beyond the comments. Every blog needs a Contact form where visitors can speak directly with the author of the blog, without requiring you to disclose your email publicly. Blogger now has a Gadget (Page Element) just for this and that can be embedded in the sidebar.
contact-form-blogger1Showing that Blogger is always improving and creating resources for their users, just released a new Gadget to the sidebar (sidebar). Something simple and practical to incorporate without codes or difficult settings.

Its operation is simple and, once added will have the option to write Name, email and message to the person you want to send to. When she clicks “Submit” you will receive directly in your email.

contact form blogger1- To add to your blog, just go to the panel, open the menu “Layout” and click on the sidebar of your blog where it says “Add Gadget“.

2- In the window that opens, click on the “More gadgets” and choose “Contact Form“. Ready. Just give it a title, and put on your sidebar to people sending messages to you.

The messages will be sent to the e-mail address for your account on Blogger.