How To Embed Tweets in Blog Post

How To Embed Tweets in Blog

How to Embed Tweets in Blog Post: Twitter is still a very relevant social network for practicality , especially for those who navigate much for tablets and smartphones . Whenever we find something interesting we want to RT ( retweet , retweet ) . But it is also possible to incorporate ( embed ) A Tweet from Twitter within the body of your articles on any platform Blog . We show here how joining a quote from Twitter directly into your posts .

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Even with all the prominence of Facebook ( Like our page on Facebook too ) , Twitter has not lost its prestige and importance of the Internet as a source of rapid information exchange , indicative content and citations . Therefore , it is possible to give readers of your blog a tweet fully dynamic .

How to Embed Tweets in Blog Article

The example below illustrates how it works . Incorporate one of our Tweets to show the final page of your blog , in an article .

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As you can see , is exactly as it appears on the website of Twitter , with click-able links and up to the image that has been quoted / added in the message .

This statement makes a lot more interesting Tweet within the articles you produce for your audience .

How To Embed Tweets in BlogTo embed a Tweet within the articles on your blog , the procedure is manual, but very simple . Login to your Twitter account and passing the mouse over the desired Tweet ‘ll see that excel links .

Look for the link ” More ” , as in the example image. Clicking this link will appear the option ” Embed Tweet “.

Will open a window with the model that will be built and Tweet , Featured , right at the top , the code should be copied to incorporate within the article .

How To Embed Tweets in Blog1This code will look like in the example image above :

Code to Embed Tweet

Copied the code , now go to the article where you want to add a quote from the Tweet .

If you use Blogger , paste the code into the desired location within the body of the text in the post editor , marking the ” HTML ” editor .

If you use WordPress , the code must be inserted into the body of the article by clicking on the ” Text ” editor posts .

Then just publish the article and see the result on your Blog .