Beaver Kills Man


Beaver Kills Man: A Fisherman had bitten to death by a wild beaver while taking the photo, according to the U.S. Today reported on Thursday, April 11, 2013, a fisherman of Belarus was killed this week by a beaver who bit him severely after the he tried to take a picture of the animal.

Under the title, “Beaver kills man: Man tries to take a picture of the animal, kill him,” the source confirmed that the fisherman first saw the beaver while fishing with friends.

However, as he approached the beaver to take his picture at Lake Shestakov, beaver lunged forward, biting him in the thigh.

The wild animal bit into an artery in the man’s leg, cutting, and fellow fishermen apparently have failed to stop the blood flow, which leads to his death.

While beaver kills man may seem surprising, no doubt, it is known that the beavers have enough strength to bite through the trees. Although attacks are very rare beaver general, rabid beavers can be dangerous when approached, noted today.

The Telegraph said that two young men were seriously injured in 2012 after being maimed by a beaver Virginian.

It was also this week that an Indonesian woman was attacked by a Komodo dragon, though he was able to fight it, thankfully. However, the message is clear: wild animals are wild for a reason, so please be sure.

Source: Yahoo