28 Elephants Killed


The 28 Elephants Killed By Poachers: In recent weeks, round about 28 elephants were killed by poachers in Lobeke Nki and national parks located in Cameroon. According to the Reuters News, the detail of this news on March 13, and has many outraged animal lovers.

Poachers are quite active in Cameroon, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo as it seeks ivory. The authorities indicate that in recent weeks, the conservation organization WWF has found 28 elephants killed and stripped of their tusks in national parks.

Unfortunately poachers using automatic weapons are AK-47 and other in elephants, posing a huge risk to the population of endangered elephants in the area.

The price of ivory in Asia is very high these days, leading to increased activity of poachers. Last year about 200 elephants in the National Park Bouba Ndjida were slaughtered by poachers.

The country is trying to protect the park and elephants, but given the price this is happening, it seems a difficult problem to correct. Before it seemed like savannah elephants are a popular target.

The news that 28 elephants were killed in the last month in these parks indicates that forest elephants endangered species have become a new target now.