Eileen Yumiko Yap Photos Scandal: The photographer, 41-year-old Chen Jun Hao, went to a police station in Geylang at 10am yesterday morning (23 April) in an attempt to clear his name.

Mr Chen has come under fire recently after nude pictures of a 24-year-old part-time model began circulating around the internet.

Soon after these photos were posted, another photographer came forward to accuse Mr Chen of behaving indecently towards models he has worked with.

On his Facebook page, the photographer cited six other alleged instances of Mr Chen behaving inappropriately towards models.

Some of these models complained that Mr Chen would ask them to remove their bras while others said the photographer allegedly asked them to change in front of him.

One underage model even claimed that Mr Chen shaved her pubic hair.

Mr Chen has refuted these allegations, insisting that models could have walked away instead of acceding to his requests.

He also said that it was standard practice to have models in wedding gowns remove their bras.

In his defense, Mr Chen also claimed that the fitting room in the studio was too small for the models to change into their wedding gowns, which often come with wire frames for their skirts.

He said he would walk away to give the models more privacy when they change into these gowns.