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7 Plugins to Solve Their Problems in WordPress

7 Plugins to Solve Their Problems in WordPress: In WordPress plugins are used to increase the code of a site performing some additional function. Some of them are paid, but there...
Social Blogging tools

Plugins and Social Tools Necessary for Blog

Plugins and Social Tools Necessary for Blog: There are bloggers of all kinds and each have their peculiarities, but, regardless of the type that you are there certain critical items that...
How to Customize Links to Posts on Blogger

How to Customize Permalinks on Blogger Best Seo

How to Customize Permanent Links to Posts on Blogger The Best Seo Move: Blogger is testing a new feature! One of the best innovations of recent times! How about customizing links...

How to Improving WordPress Blog SEO

Improving WordPress Blog Performance and Seo: I separated this time for you some ideas that can make a difference to your blog is best viewed, some things seem obvious, but do...

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What is Ads.txt and How to Use it

Ads.txt – An Authorized Digital Sellers: The digital advertising industry is constantly working to ensure bad traffic will be kept out to help legit publishers...

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