Taiwanese Pop Star Elva Hsiao And Billionaire Malaysian Jho Low Date Night: Jho Low, Billionaire Malaysian businessman who became infamous for living the high life with Hollywood celebrities and Arab oil barons, is making news again for his outrageous date night with Taiwanese pop star Elva Hsiao.

Taiwanese Pop Star Elva Hsiao And Billionaire Malaysian Date Night
Taiwanese Pop Star Elva Hsiao And Billionaire Malaysian Date Night Photo

Taiwanese Pop StarElva Hsiao is a famous female pop singer, known as “Asia’s Fashion Dancing Queen“. Earlier study in Canada to participate in the Chinese New Talent Singing Contest, favored by Yao Qian. 1999 debut album with 500,000 sales was the king of album sales in Taiwan, with the same period Stefanie Sun, Jolin Tsai, Fish Leong, collectively referred to Taiwan four days.

Recognized by the international agencies in 2001, won the highest honor World Music Awards annual global sales of the best Chinese singer, become a singer so far Chinese Pop the only award in the history of the Chinese.

Her songs both tone and flexibility, moving bass, delicate, mellow and rich penetrating; firmness and flexibility of dance styles, rhythmic precision to master is the top leader in Asia, is a new century of Chinese pop music so far one of the most representative of the singer.

A few days ago, a “high price courtship video” in the transmission network crazy, the heroine is Elva, actor Ke Zhendong, but Malaysia Regal Liu Dezu.

It is understood that the video Elva Hsiao and Liu Dezu living in Dubai, a private sandy beach, pyrotechnics romantic, luxurious dining table, Elva, and Liu Dezu multiplied by Rolls-Royce arrived at the beach, harp musicians violin. More, two handsome man fell from the sky, the jewelry bring Elva. Then the two together to see the gorgeous fireworks.